Born as a solo effort, now coming to fruition as a group: KRANKLAND is the new project of Thomas Werbrouck (Little Trouble Kids). Debut album ‘Wanderrooms’ will be released the 30th of September: ten multi-layered songs in which Thomas, master of light and shadow, put his heart and soul.

In Studio Jezus, in Hoboken, Thomas gathered musicians around him, who were given complete freedom. They are, in bullet points:
Janko Beckers (Golden Tieger) on pedal steel, toy keyboards, autoharp…
Christophe Claeys (Amatorski, SX, Magnus) on drums.
Thomas Mortier (Yuko) on bass.

The boss of Jezus, Pascal Deweze, recorded and mixed the album.

First single ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’ spread its wings on Record Store Day 2016, and was promptly picked up by Radio 1 and Studio Brussel. It also climbed to the number one spot in Humo’s Arriba and was described as ‘a powerful psychedelic slowburner’. The accompanying clip, a collage of vintage advertising films from the seventies, was picked up by bloggers in Seattle. ‘Awesome!’, the writers at Live Eye Tv kindly concluded.

Welcome in KRANKLAND, welcome in ‘Wanderrooms’. Forget all that you know and unexpect all the expected. It’s going to be a wondrous journey!


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