The plan: make a mixtape together.

How? You request a song, I record it. In my little lo-fi home-studio. That’s the idea. A work in progress. ‘Dirty covers, bedroom mixtape’.

I have no agenda, no hidden marketing masterplan. Just the desire to be creatively challenged by your request songs. Anything goes! Your darling love song? Obscure 60s psychedelica? Experimental weirdo avant-garde stuff? Gooey pop-tunes? The more requests the merrier – surprise me!

(If I’m satisfied with the recording) I’ll add it to the everygrowing playlist on our Bandcamp-page. And if all goes really-really well, I will actually release the mixtape. On cassette, of course. So be sure to include a personal message when you request a song. What are you waiting for? Fill in the request form on Let’s go!